A dear friend.

Outfit above:

Top: Vintage | Blazer: Vintage | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: New Look | Coat: Sheinside |
      Bag: Debenhams (Sample Sale) | Necklace: H&M | Rings: Tally Weijl; A market in Greece | Glasses: Dolce & Gabanna

A week ago my dear friend Dessy visited me.  We had two lovely days together strolling around London, catching up and having some much needed girl talk. On day 2 of her visit headed to St John's Wood because that is where I used to live a couple of months ago and I am really missing the area. *wipes away a tear* We sat in Starbucks, which I am not a big fan of (Shock!) and Dessy tried the infamous oh-so-raved-about Pumpkin Spice Latte, I however was quite boring-not feeling that experimental with my coffee that day. After that we had some macaroons from one of my favourite cafes, Maison Blanc (major treat), and then headed on a walk through Regents Park where we encountered some ducks and  I must say they were more than the usual amount of ducks that are usually hanging out there. The weather was surprisingly nice that day which made our walk even more enjoyable.  I always feel like there is so much more to do when the weather in London is nice. Me and Dessy were hunting down Dim Sum places for lunch but we ended up going to Ping Pong as it was on the way. Everything tasted really good and it was a bit of a different experience to my usual Italian/ Burger cravings when eating out. The coconut balls we had for dessert were absolutely and utterly amazing! If there was a Raffaelo inspired ice cream that would be it. I mean..how much better can it get? Would could more could you possibly want in life? It was just this mouth-watering vanilla ice cream wrapped into a layer of scrumptious coconutty crispy deliciousness. ANYWAY let’s  just try to move on from my food obesissons. I really hope I get to see Dessy again soon. BTW she is like the coolest person ever (the type of cool you cannot be even if you wanted to be desperately). She is also incredibly creative, artistic and SO inspring! If you doubt me, which should never ever happen, go check her work out at http://ultravioletillustration.com/. 

Sayonara, guys! (Bye in Japanese) in my defence I have a new Japanese flatmate!

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