Stella McCartney AW15/16

Wardrobe for the modern woman, the Stella woman, or as the designer said herself “It was about finding the Stella woman and the precision she has in her life and in her wardrobe, and celebrating her”. The show was set in the beautiful Paris Opera with Sir Paul McCartney and Kanye West keeping the front row warm.

Stella built her collection really wisely this season putting her core customer at the centre of it. It was a mix of minimal structured garments with a twist and show-stopper pieces. “Every day you feel different. There is a really refined tailored coat, but there is other days when you want volume and movement in what you are wearing. You want to have people pay attention” said the designer, explaining the flawless blend of contemporary staples and untraditional pieces.

It was all about graceful lines, wrapping around the body in unusual ways, mixing in different textures and fabrics, but at the same time making the garments extremely wearable. Trousers came with paper-bag waistlines, high cuffs or fluttering hems, elongating the legs, but still proposing something new and fresh. This new silhouette of the 70s inspired slim elongated trousers is specifically gaining momentum for next season as seen on other designers, including Derek Lam and Narciso Rodriguez.

Asymmetry was the big thing that night. The asymmetrical off the shoulder chunky ribbed knits were appealing to the eye and yet so daring. Subtle seductiveness was achieved by the bare shoulder corsets and dresses that had a strap gently hugging the arm. Sensuality, elegance and gracefulness were further redefined by the twisted double strand pearls on the models’ bare décolletage at the end of the show. Another surprise just before the finale was the splash of jacquard and brocade, making eveningwear more rich.

The most talked about items were the “fur free fur” coats. Coats to get noticed in. Animal friendly oversized fur coats that were taken up a notch with hand embroidery and a mix of textures, making sure to create a statement.

Stella achieved the perfect balance between femininity and androgyny, freedom and classics and by doing so she ticked all the right boxes.

Meryl Streep's Gorgeous Daughters Land a Fashion Campaign

 Looks like the Oscar winning actress will not be the only one making the headlines. Mamie Gummer, 31, Grace Gummer, 28, and Louisa Gummer, 23, are the faces of LA based designer Clare Vivier’s new collection for H&M-owned brand &OtherStories.  The sisters are in show business just like their mother - Mamie and Grace are actresses and Louisa is a model.

The designer has teamed up with the high street retailer for the second time. Creative Director Sara Hidén Bengtsson says that the collection is “sophisticated yet bold, bringing a piece of that elusive and charming California essence to our customers”. 

Shot by the legendary photographer Stephen Shore, the collection is inspired by “the urban busy woman” in Vivier’s words. She describes the garments as “utilitarian, but distinctively chic and fun”.

The sisters bring this aesthetic to life. As Vivier says, ”[They’re] dream customers. Creative, hardworking, stylish, city girls.” The Gummers look flawless, rocking natural make-up and beachy waves in the campaign. Wearing simple pastel hued blouses, jeans and cool loafers, teamed with bright handbags and fanny packs, the trio is the definition of effortless chic.

Prices range from £7 for nail polish to £126 for a tote bag.  Mark Thursday 5th March in your diary so that you do not miss this exciting collaboration both in stores and online!

Sofia Kullberg on her love of knits, her inspirations and passions.

After going to the “Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood” exhibition in the Fashion and Textile museum in London and gazing at the rather conceptual distressed unisex Comme des Garçons knitwear piece and delicate 1950s cocktail sweaters, I was keen to find out more about emerging designers and niche brands, that focus on knitwear.

This is why I find myself sitting in one of my favourite independent coffee shops in London, sipping coffee with Sofia Kullberg. Sofia, 24, is originally from Sweden (which makes me love her already), and studies fashion. She does modelling every now and again too, but what she really wants to do is something creative, something that she is passionate about. I am impatient to hear more about her plans to start her own knitwear brand, DKDNT LAINE (“decadent wool” in French) and wonder how she decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

Fashion is a hobby for a lot of girls, but what makes one dive into the professional world of fashion? I smile as she tells me that her grandmother was her inspiration as she grew up. “My grandmother was the one who used to take me shopping and make things for me and when I went to her place I always used to dress up in her high heels. “ She shares that her parents have always been supportive of her too. “I wanted to do something that I enjoyed for a living and guess I have always been quite creative and used to enjoy subjects like art in school. “  Even though she is currently in the final year of her Fashion Merchandising degree, Sofia admits that she has always had a strong interest in textiles and the way clothes are made. “ Going back I think I should have done a textiles based degree. It might have suited be better. “

Some of her inspirations

We talk about some of her creative projects as she humbly brushes off my compliments in a self-critical manner. She loves making things herself, and knitting is one of the things she has taken up in her free time. I have to be reminded that the reason we meet today is her love of knitwear and the knitwear brand that she is looking to develop. Why knitwear though, I wonder as she tells me how much she is into tailoring as well. “I just love knitwear. It’s cozy and it is warm.  I also love different textures, which I think you can get out of knitwear, using different fibers and yarns. And I also think knitwear is underestimated. ” I agree with her. Designers do not experiment enough with knitwear. I recall the exquisite pieces I saw at the exhibition and think about knitwear’s untapped potential.

I am curious to know why she has decided to focus on this niche category. After all there aren’t that many mainstream brands that come to mind who do knitwear only. She remembers being inspired by the Faroe Islands brand Gudrun Gudrun as she grew up. “ But I wouldn’t have that sort of aesthetic for my brand, my taste is quite minimal.” Typical Scandi. But I love it. So where does she find inspiration now? “ I guess I would always go back to Sweden, nature is also something that inspires me, as well as going back historically and looking at different cultures. And also, just looking at what other people are doing. “ 

Gudrun Gundrun AW15

As we laugh like schoolgirls talking about their crush, we delve into a more serious topic. One that has been the central issue of concern in the fashion world for the past couple of years.  “Something that drives me as well, is the ethical side of fashion. I have always been interested in that. “ She is against fast fashion and over-consumption, but admits that unfortunately she is part of it too. I don’t agree as she later on she tells me about how much she values quality garments, vintage pieces and enjoys second-hand shopping. “I really want to do something that is authentic; I want to create things that last. I also believe in using just natural materials that can be sourced locally and employ people locally that can produce those garments. “ 

I now can't wait until she develops her brand. Can we start the countdown?

Purple lips.

Top: Custom made (Inspired by this) | Trousers: Mango  | Trainers: Adidas  |  Backpack: Vintage | Lipstick: GOSH (Twilight)
Photos taken by : Teddie Dzherekarova 

My dear friend Teddie took some photos of me last week, that turned out pretty good I have to say. We then went to the coffee shop Kaffeine to plan our friend's birthday present. I have been to Kaffeine before and adore it. It is right off Regent Street and the coffee tastes amazing. I am pretty sure it is part of most rankings for London's best coffee places . The staff are really nice as well which is always a bonus. 

I have been wearing my Stan Smiths almost every other day and I am getting cravings for even more trainers. This obsession is getting dangerous. And to think that I did not even want to hear about wearing them a few months back. Oh well, I just can't deny the amazing comfort that comes with them now.

I really hope I get Teddie to shoot some more outfits with me soon. She is going to have a website/blog up soon so I will definitely upload that when it is done.


The breakfast club.

  Jumper: Zara | Skirt: Vintage|  Boots: Debenhams | Coat: Sheinside | Scarf: Sheinside

Even though this happened a few weeks ago I still wanted to share it with you! I finally went to the Breakfast Club and tried the oh-so-raved-about  pancakes with bacon and maple syrup! Yum yum yum!! No wonder people love that strange sounding combination! I have to just take a moment to say that the hype about the Breakfast Club is definitely true. I went to the one near London  Bridge and apart from the fact that we had to wait for like half an hour to get in (so worth it!), everything was perfect! The waitress was extremely sweet and cool (total girl crush) and was one of the only people that didn't give a what-are-you-on-about type of look when I asked for a cup instead of a glass for my latte. Yes, I have issues. I guess I put way too much emphasis on small details in my life and it is actually worrying how much it changes the whole experience for me. 

One thing I've learned over the years is to try to have low expectations so that you if things work out better than you thought they would, you would be thrilled instead of disappointed. Well, I know it, but I never stick to it. 

Anyway, how did this get so deep again? This is how I am. Most of the time. Ah!

 Go to the Breakfast Club if you are ever in London! There are three branches so no excuses! You will not be disappointed!

New Year's Resolutions.

Outfit above:
Shirt: H&M | Trousers: Zara | Trainers: Nike | Scarf: Sheinside

I have been writing my New Year's resolutions after the beginning of this year   so I guess I am kind of breaking the rules. Such a rebel, aren't I? I might do a blog post on my goals for this year soon so I am going to leave any major discussions for now.

Apart from that I still cannot believe I have jumped onto the trainers’ bandwagon. I used to totally hate it everything about it. Not gonna lie! But one day I decided to try this heavenly pair of trainers that has, honestly, been all over the blogosphere (not great) and then something magical happened: my feet were transported into a Wonderland of comfort. It was like I was walking on clouds that were lovably embracing my feet perfectly. Ah. Yes, that is how it all happened. Best decision ever! Don’t know how I lived before that. And I must tell you they are addictive. I wear them every day; I have to tell myself not to, because they are that comfortable. After I got this pair I started considering getting them in all sort of colours. They are dangerous. I did want a cool I-am-cool-without-trying-too-hard kind of colourful pair but decided that I should stick to basics, knowing my wardrobe and taste, and picked up the classic black pair with the white Nike logo. Enough rambling for one blog post. But I do think this is the start of my trainers’ affair and I do not think my feet are going to mind.

What are your thoughts on the whole manrepeller wear-trainers-with-everything trend? Love it or hate it?

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