The breakfast club.

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Even though this happened a few weeks ago I still wanted to share it with you! I finally went to the Breakfast Club and tried the oh-so-raved-about  pancakes with bacon and maple syrup! Yum yum yum!! No wonder people love that strange sounding combination! I have to just take a moment to say that the hype about the Breakfast Club is definitely true. I went to the one near London  Bridge and apart from the fact that we had to wait for like half an hour to get in (so worth it!), everything was perfect! The waitress was extremely sweet and cool (total girl crush) and was one of the only people that didn't give a what-are-you-on-about type of look when I asked for a cup instead of a glass for my latte. Yes, I have issues. I guess I put way too much emphasis on small details in my life and it is actually worrying how much it changes the whole experience for me. 

One thing I've learned over the years is to try to have low expectations so that you if things work out better than you thought they would, you would be thrilled instead of disappointed. Well, I know it, but I never stick to it. 

Anyway, how did this get so deep again? This is how I am. Most of the time. Ah!

 Go to the Breakfast Club if you are ever in London! There are three branches so no excuses! You will not be disappointed!

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