New Year's Resolutions.

Outfit above:
Shirt: H&M | Trousers: Zara | Trainers: Nike | Scarf: Sheinside

I have been writing my New Year's resolutions after the beginning of this year   so I guess I am kind of breaking the rules. Such a rebel, aren't I? I might do a blog post on my goals for this year soon so I am going to leave any major discussions for now.

Apart from that I still cannot believe I have jumped onto the trainers’ bandwagon. I used to totally hate it everything about it. Not gonna lie! But one day I decided to try this heavenly pair of trainers that has, honestly, been all over the blogosphere (not great) and then something magical happened: my feet were transported into a Wonderland of comfort. It was like I was walking on clouds that were lovably embracing my feet perfectly. Ah. Yes, that is how it all happened. Best decision ever! Don’t know how I lived before that. And I must tell you they are addictive. I wear them every day; I have to tell myself not to, because they are that comfortable. After I got this pair I started considering getting them in all sort of colours. They are dangerous. I did want a cool I-am-cool-without-trying-too-hard kind of colourful pair but decided that I should stick to basics, knowing my wardrobe and taste, and picked up the classic black pair with the white Nike logo. Enough rambling for one blog post. But I do think this is the start of my trainers’ affair and I do not think my feet are going to mind.

What are your thoughts on the whole manrepeller wear-trainers-with-everything trend? Love it or hate it?

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