Nordic Bakery.

Outfit above:
Top: Custom made | Skirt : Dorothy Perkins | Boots & Handbag: Debenhams (Sample Sale)

Sooo...I met my friend Ola last week and we went to Nordic Bakery, which we had been planning for a while. I was on a quest to try the infamous cinnamon buns they have there.  I heard they were the best in London. So obviously they had to be tried. I mean not trying them would have been like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower, don't you think? And I must say that was a good start of my cinnamon bun affair. I think my standards are way too high now. It was actually so much better than I expected.  Definitely going back soon for more. The interior was Scandinavian inspired, which I adore. I am really tempted to get their cookbook as well. The downside is that I was not too impressed with the coffee. The latte I ordered was quite bitter, even with amount of sugar I used...I mean, don't get me wrong it wasn't horrible, I am a huge caffeine lover so I put way too much emphasis on my coffee. I constantly find myself researching cafes in London and making them a destination so I am thinking of recording some of my visits on the blog and reviewing them. What do you think?

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