Bath Christmas market.

Outfit above:
Cardigan: H&M| Skirt: Boutique in Bulgaria | Handbag: Vintage | Trainers: Nike

This Sunday I went on a trip to Bath. I wanted to go there on a day trip for a while and I thought now is the perfect time as the town hosts one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. Unfortunately I was quite ill and there were some other ‘fun’ things happening that day like our bus being two hours late. But I still had a really good time! Went to Society Café, which was one of the two cafes I wanted to go to in Bath- the other one is Colonna & Small’s (I have heard really good things about it as well). The coffee there was really good-very silky and velvety and the latte art was amazing-even on the hot chocolate! The staff was nice and I absolutely loved the interior! They had a kids section with books and board games where your kid could happily hand out. They had a good selection of books that you can browse through as well and I was instantly drawn to a travel one that had a lot of interesting photographs as well.

We then did some shopping and went to the Christmas market that was spread around the whole town. Wish I took more photos of the actual market but it was just too busy. We walked around the small stalls, selling local produce, Christmas decorations and some other unexpected things. Munched on some roasted chestnuts and then had some more treats. Christmas carols, smell of mulled wine in the air and Christmas lights everywhere. Smiles on children’s faces.  People laughing with their loved ones. Yes, I really was in a really festive mood.

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