Leafy pathways.

Outfit above:
Jumper: H&M | Jeans: Zara | Boots: Debenhams | Handbag: Vintage | Necklace: Mango

I am officially home! Had such a nice day yesterday! The weather in Bulgaria has been perfect! It's quite cold but compared to London I feel like I'm on the Canary Islands as it isn't windy or rainy at all here. And you actually get some sunlight. In the morning yesterday I did some shopping and ran some errands. Later on I headed to the centre of town as I was meeting my mum after work to get coffee. I was starving so I grabbed a delicious bagel from one of my favourite bakeries in town and then a freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange juice. So refreshing! We took some photos in one of the parks nearby. The golden leaves scattered around the ground were absolutely beautiful! Oh, how I missed this! The coffee in Costa was good and much needed at that point as I have constantly been feeling sleepy the last couple of days! I am going to go soon and try their version of the Gingerbread Latte and see if it’s better than the one in Starbucks.

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