Outfit above:
T-shirt dress: Sheinside | Blazer: H&M | Boots: Zara

I had such a nice day yesterday! Here is most of it in pictures. The day started with me oversleeping and then having a healthy breakfast. I try sometimes. Then I went out and enjoyed the sun that was shining outside, while I was walking to my next destination. Accompanied by my mum, I had a refreshing freshly squeezed pomegranate and tangerine juice in one of my favourite places in Plovdiv- Mojito. I usually go there for drinks. They have so many different kinds of Mojitos and shisha. My all-time favourite is the Raspberry Mojito, made with fresh raspberries. Delish. My brother was kind enough to take some photos of me later on. We had lots of fun, while we were trying to make some ”air photos”. I met a friend later and had some cocoa tea in one of the coolest places in town- Art News Café. I will try to get more footage of it next time we go. Me and my friend were finally reunited as she had just come back from London and it was lovely to catch up with her over a cup of tea. The perfect end of the day was meeting another friend at her place and ordering Mexican takeaway (did not succeed to be healthy all day, not gonna lie) and having a Bloody Mary while we were laughing over old times and our remarkable ability to embarrass ourselves. She understands me. Obviously, I couldn’t go through the day without being me so I had to spill my drink all over the floor and her brand new white slippers. Typical.

The worst thing is that I have started to think that my ridiculousness is contagious, but let’s leave those that for another time…

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