New Year's in Istanbul Part 2

Part 2 of the photos from my Istanbul trip has arrived. I am admittedly a major foodie so I wish I had more time try more of the Turkish cuisine even though its quite similar to the Bulgarian. I definitely had my share of simit in all possible combinations, forms and shapes and also tons of freshly squeezed pomegranate and orange juice at least a few times a day(it is just so refreshing!). Obviously I sampled some traditional Turkish baklava as well-the pistachio one was my favourite. Couldn't pass up going to a shisha cafe in the area Ortaköy, famous for its kumpirs (overfilled jacket potatoes). 

Everything in Istanbul is just so so colourful and out there, especially around the bazaars and markets. We went around the popular sights, mosques and palaces, but something I really wanted to see was the Rainbow stairs. Unfortunately when I researched online for their location, everyone was saying they are unsure of their exact location so I had to give up and was quite disappointed. It seemed to be a secret place. On our second day as we were stuck in traffic on our way to the Sultanahmed area, I was staring out the window and suddenly spotted the Rainbow stairs on the side of the road. I was dying to stop and take photos, but there was absolutely nowhere to park around there and the cars were beeping behind us so I had to take a quick snap from the car. This made my day anyway. Small wonders do happen after all!

And by the way if you are wondering the jumper I am wearing is Vero Moda. The knitting is really intricate is quite see-through but as it was freezing I had to wear something underneath. And also there are a few more photos I need to share soon so that will be up soon.


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